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What is the most significant change in the classification of health care organizations over the last half century? Why?

DQ 2

All health care organizations display characteristics related to service delivery, financing, payment solutions, and insurance relationships. Which of these can a health care organization most effectively harness in order to become the provider of choice for the largest variety of patrons? Why?

HCA 807 Week HCA807GCU 2 Discussions


Why do health care organizations use segmentation?


Managed care can be seen as a result of health care 101click here segmentation. Is this a HCA 807 Grand Canyon positive or negative influence to the health care industry? Why or why not? Is it a positive outcome for the patient? Why or why not?

HCA 807 Week 3 Discussions

DQ 1

Should public health care be for-profit? Why or why not?

DQ 2

Should individual health care be provided at public expense? Why or why not?

HCA 807 Week 4 Discussions

HCA 807 Week 2 Marketing and Segmentation Latest

HCA 807 Week 4 Contrast of Health Care Structures

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